Bad Credit Auto Loans

Bad Credit Auto loans

Do you have bad credit and you need bad credit auto loans? Well, you’ve come to the right place for assistance. We know the journey to getting bad credit car loans is filled with a lot of rejections from lending bodies. Not to worry. We can help you. That’s one of the reasons why was created in the first place – to help individuals with bad credit to be able to be able to obtain auto loans without having to go through “hell”.

A few things to keep in mind about and bad credit auto loans.

The major difference between us and other auto loan dealers is that we have our customers’ best interest at heart. This applies to customers with both good credit and bad. That said; it should be pointed out that before we approve customers for poor credit auto loans we need them to fulfill a couple of requirements. Not to worry, the requirement list is not long and time consuming- we have made sure of that. Here is a breakdown:

» For to approve an individual with poor credit scores for an auto loan we need to understand his or her credit state. A person’s credit state will help us determine whether he deserves new or used auto loans.

» Apart from learning about your credit score, we will also inquire about the financing period. How soon are you willing to pay back the loan? If the period is short then you will be required to make a large down payment that you will follow up with consistent monthly installments until the loan is cleared. For such cases no collateral is required. However, should you want to stay with the loan for a long period of time e.g. 3 to 5 years then we will require you to provide security. This is mandatory and meant to earn our trust.

» What about the auto loan rates? Auto loan rates always seem to be the hottest topic where auto loans are concerned. It is said that bad credit can cause automobile loans to skyrocket simply because of the risk factor involved. Let’s face facts – it can and it will. Any firm that says it does not charge higher auto loan rates to individuals with bad credit is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing waiting to attack in the night(forgive the metaphor). With that said; while cannot claim that it is the exception we can certainly guarantee that our rates are reasonable. Reasonable being the keyword. We have set many initiatives in place to help individuals with bad credit to be able to obtain automobile loans without it costing them an arm and a leg.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Initiatives established by

In order to help you secure your loan without having to suffer extreme financial burden we have set up the following initiatives to help you out.

» Should you want to expedite/fasten your approval period you can include two guarantors in your application before you submit it. Don’t forget to attach all the necessary documents requested as well as their signatures of consent. We have provided this option to be able to help you obtain your loan quickly and easily.

» With two guarantors vouching for you (provided they have sound credit themselves) your auto loan rates are certain to go down. This is because the risk factor has been largely mitigated and as such there is no need for us to hike up your payments. You can use our loan calculators to be able to get a more definite figure on what you would be expected to pay based on your repayment period and amount offered.

There you have it. Just because you have a bad credit score doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get an auto loan and if you do it doesn’t mean that you should pay huge interest amounts or be subjected to massive auto loan rates. By simply choosing you will be able to benefit from these features and many more that are geared towards helping you obtain your loan more conveniently than is the norm. Don’t wait another day. We recommend that you get in touch with us immediately by filling out the simple auto loan forms that we’ve provided on the website. Don’t forget to include a valid email address as we will use this to get back to you. Our approval period is very short; so don’t worry about waiting for weeks. Try us out NOW and join the thousands of satisfied customers. We look forward to receiving your application.