New car Loans

How can help me get a new car?

First of all: congratulations on making the decision to get a brand new car. At we know that this is not an impulse decision. You’ve been thinking about this for several months, if not years, and you’ve finally decided that the time is right for you to own a brand new pair of wheels. You’ve probably been saving up for a long time now but you’re still unable to buy that car with a lump sum payment. Truth be told; the only thing that is currently standing between you and your dream car is a couple of thousand dollars that you don’t necessarily have at the moment but will acquire in the coming months. Waiting is out of the question. You’ve waited long enough. You want the car NOW!

We understand you perfectly. That’s why we’re here – to help you get that dream car in the shortest time possible. So, how exactly can we help you out of your current predicament? By offering you money ofcourse! To be more precise we will offer an auto loan. You can even refer to it as a new car loan. This is sure to supplement your savings and help you obtain that dream car immediately.

What Should I Know About New Car Loans Offered By

As mentioned above, we will provide you with a new car loan to supplement your savings so that you can get the car you’ve always wanted. That said; here are a few things that you should know about our New Auto loans and our auto loan rates.

» To begin with, our auto loan rates are very friendly and highly competitive. Sometimes (not always) the auto loan rates charged to our customers are determined by their credit scores. Note: This applies to customers who need new car loans but have very poor credit scores. Most of these customers would be turned away by lenders but offers them an exception that they can turn to. Apart from our friendly rates, we offer individuals who need car loans but have unfavourable credit scores the opportunity to salvage their scores provided they honour all their contracted payments without fail.

» Secondly, apart from studying your credit history we need to learn how much you actually require for us to be able to assist you. We also need information on the repayment period i.e how long you plan to pay back your loan. In the event that you want a short loan, a loan that is payable within the first 18 months, then we will take the amount requested and divide it accordingly with the time frame to come up with monthly installments that you will be required to pay without fail. Long terms loans also work the same way.

» Do I need to have collateral to get a new car loan from Well, it depends. It depends on how much you’re borrowing and how soon you plan to pay it back. In cases where the repayment period is less than 18 months no collateral is required. The individual is however required to make a huge down payment since the loan is unsecured. That said; repayment periods that range longer than 18 months will require one to provide security to obtain such a loan from us. We have set this policy mainly because the installments are small and spread out.

» Our calculations are always done using a car loan calculator. This basically helps us to determine your monthly car loan payments based on the repayment period that you have requested. Other factors such as our standard interest rates can also be calculated to come to an exact figure that is payable by the customer.

As you can see, we’re very ready and detailed when it comes to helping individuals obtain auto loans for their brand new vehicles. Our accuracy is meant to prevent any errors that may inconvenience our customers from ever happening. Don’t wait any longer. The wait is officially over. Fill out the simple forms provided on our website and we’ll approve you in a very short period. We look forward to receiving your application.