Used Car Loans

I need a used car loan – Can help me?

Yes we can. Chances are that you’re searching for an affordable used car loan. Not to worry, can help you get it so that you’ll be driving that small truck, SUV or even minivan much sooner than you think. In order for us to help you out we need you to provide us with certain information and fulfill certain requirements. Below are a few basic requirements that one is required to fulfill before they can be granted used auto loans.

Basic Requirements to Get a Used Car Loan with

Proof of income – For us to grant you used car loans you need to provide proof of income. We don’t ask for much. Three of your most recent payslips will suffice. We are not concerned with whether you’re employed full time or part time.

Proof that you meet our minimum income requirement – Having a job is not enough. You need to pass the minimum monthly earnings that we’ve set. Customers that are interested in acquiring used auto loans should make at least $1,750 every month. This is very competitive considering that a good number of companies range in the $2000 to $2,500 per month bracket. Please note that in our figure we’re talking about the gross income and not the net income. Gross income is income that has not had taxes and other deductions removed.

Lastly, we need proof of residence – In other words, we need you to verify your current address. We do this by requesting a photocopy of your utility bill or even phone bill. We will also request a copy of your driver’s license purely for record keeping purposes.

Why Should I Obtain A Used Car Loan From

This is a very good question. Why should you obtain used auto loans from us and not somebody else? Here’s why:

» Getting used car loans from will help you save money. At we understand that you have numerous financial responsibilities that you need to cater for otherwise you would not have sought us out. It is for this reason that we try to keep our used car loan rates at a favourable standing to our customers.

» Getting used car loans from is simple and easy. – Don’t you just hate it when you go to an auto loan website, fill out the forms provided and wait for days, possibly even weeks before you get a response about your application? Pretty disheartening right? At we have been in such positions before and therefore we appreciate the importance of getting back to our prospective customers in the shortest time possible. You will receive news of whether your application has succeeded or failed (accompanied with reasons) in a very short time frame.

» We are very flexible and always ready to hear your case. – Not everything in life always turns out the way we expect it to and sometimes loans that were meant to be fully paid off in a couple of months can extend to even a year. Sometimes more pressing expenses such as medical bills and even surgery can take priority and this can cause you to miss your monthly loan installment. Instead of suffering in silence as your late penalty fees accrue to your original interest rate you can simply contact us and we can come to some sort of agreement. The original contract can be revised and a new one drafted that will enable you to weather the storm in your life and still pay your used car loans without missing a single payment.

» We offer used car loan calculators on our site – arguably one of the best on the internet. Also known as car payment calculators, one can use these calculators to help them determine how much they will be required to pay in installments should they purchase a used car for a given amount and a given repayment period. The calculators are very easy to use. One simply moves the cursor to the amount of the vehicle he plans to buy and the monthly installments automatically display.

Just in case you’re still undecided, you can start by checking out what previous customers had to say about our used car loan rates. You can even use our calculators to give you accurate figures of what you’d be expected to pay. When you’re ready for any kind of auto loans simply fill out the forms provided on our website and leave your contacts and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Try us today and see the difference!